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7 Tips on building Brand Awareness - Interview with Adam Robinson

Welcome to Osom to Know! Today's episode features a dynamic discussion with guest Adam Robinson💡 He is the Founder/CEO of Retention.com and RB2B. Adam bootstrapped Ret...

AI campaign: 5 surprising results on performance maximizing strategies - Interview with David Sinton

Welcome to the latest episode of "Osom To Know"! In this session, our host  Maciej Nowak, is joined by the David Sinton, co-founder of Quiet Owls, a digital growth age...

Behind the code: Strategies for selling WordPress plugin - Interview with Carlos Moreira

Welcome back to "Osom To Know", where we dive into the world of indie development and community involvement.➡️ In this episode, we sit down with Carlos a WordPress ent...

WordCamp Europe 2024: Struggles, cultural experiences, and community - Organizers Ohia and Marco

How do the challenges of organizing a large event remotely impact the overall planning and coordination? 🧐Maciej gets to the bottom of the exciting world of organizing...

Let's talk Timber and Open Source stories - Interview with Jared Novack and Lukas Gächter

Welcome to another episode of "Osom to Know"! In today's episode we have a powerhouse of guests joining us: Jared Novack and Lukas Gächter!➡️ Jared is a co-founder of ...

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