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Let's talk Timber and Open Source stories - Interview with Jared Novack and Lukas Gächter

Welcome to another episode of "Osom to Know"! In today's episode we have a powerhouse of guests joining us: Jared Novack and Lukas Gächter!➡️ Jared is a co-founder of ...

Exploring Business and Innovation in the WordPress Ecosystem - Interview with Roger Rosweide

Welcome to another insightful episode of "Osom to Know"! In this episode, our host Maciej Nowak, engage in an in-depth conversation with the esteemed guest, Roger Rosw...

Leveraging Partnerships for Better Integration and Product Growth - Interview with Roslyn Lavery

Welcome to another episode of "Osom to Know"! In today's episode our host, Maciej Nowak, sits down with the knowledgeable and experienced guest, Roslyn Lavery. Get rea...

The Rule of Thumb: GDPR, Plugins, and Understanding Your Data - Interview with Helmut Januschka

On this episode of Osom to Know, our host Maciej Nowak is joined by guest Helmut Januschka, Head of Software Engineering @krone_at Austrian biggest private news publis...

No Server Space Needed: Test Plugins and Themes with Playground - Interview with Adam Zieliński

🎙️ On this episode of Osom To Know, we dive into the world of WordPress development with our guest, Adam Zieliński. Adam shares his experiences and insights on various...

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