The Rule of Thumb: GDPR, Plugins, and Understanding Your Data - Interview with Helmut Januschka

On this episode of Osom to Know, our host Maciej Nowak is joined by guest Helmut Januschka, Head of Software Engineering @krone_at Austrian biggest private news publisher, is an expert in website protection and security. He understands the risks that businesses face when their websites are targeted by bots, leading to potential loss of business. A common issue he addresses is the inundation of spam emails through contact forms, which can overwhelm a companyโ€™s back office and cause them to miss genuine support cases. Helmutโ€™s solution, @captcha_eu, reduces the human effort required to filter through these forms, ensuring that important customer queries are not lost in the flood of spam. Through his expertise, he has helped businesses stay operational and protected in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Throughout the episode, they explore various aspects of GDPR compliance, providing valuable insights and advice. Helmut emphasizes the importance of understanding and only installing plugins that are necessary, while also recommending against saving data that you don't know you need. He shares his personal experience of navigating GDPR compliance, including his decision to not use Google Analytics for his captcha website. 

The conversation also touches on the challenges of convincing upper management to sell their product and create a company, and the legal considerations involved in ensuring compliance with GDPR. Helmut highlights that GDPR is not just limited to Austria, but has implications for businesses in other countries as well. They discuss the myths surrounding GDPR and clarify what activities can still be done as long as they are compliant. 

The episode also delves into the Helmut's own experiences with GDPR compliance, including the complexities of justifying the use of certain resources and the repercussions of removing them. He explains how he has adapted his own solution, Captcha EU, to comply with GDPR and how it has become a sellable product. He also touches on the importance of only storing necessary data and the need for further improvements in GDPR implementation on websites. 

Join us on this episode of Osom to know as we unravel the intricacies of GDPR compliance and gain valuable insights from our guest, Helmut Januschka.

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The Rule of Thumb: GDPR, Plugins, and Understanding Your Data - Interview with Helmut Januschka
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