No Server Space Needed: Test Plugins and Themes with Playground - Interview with Adam Zieliński

🎙️ On this episode of Osom To Know, we dive into the world of WordPress development with our guest, Adam Zieliński. Adam shares his experiences and insights on various topics, starting with the innovative iOS application called Block Nodes, which allows users to write notes using Gutenberg and syncs the content across devices. We also discuss the concept of playground for test environments, where users can run a temporary WordPress in their browser to test plugins or themes, eliminating the need for server space. Adam suggests using playground for product demos, allowing users to interact with plugins or themes on a company's website without the need for screenshots or videos.

🔍 We then explore the concept of edge computing within WordPress, where parts are distributed to servers closer to end users for faster performance. Adam proposes the idea of downloading the entire WordPress to end devices, making it the ultimate progressive web app. With the "choose your own journey" aspect of the playground environment, Adam emphasizes the need to pivot, talk to customers, and listen to feedback to grow and get users on board.

🧩 We also delve into the challenges faced by new and experienced WordPress developers, the workshops offered to streamline the learning process, and the benefits of remote work at Automatic, including their unique sabbatical program. Adam shares his exploration of different roles within Automatic, including a foray into data science, and highlights the freedom and opportunities available to him within the company.

💡 Adam's passion for solving large systemic problems shines through as he discusses his innovative projects, such as the HTML tag processor and the playground feature. These solutions have the potential to be game changers for the WordPress community, making it easier for new contributors to get started. We wrap up the episode with Adam's inspiring journey in creating a tutorial for Gutenberg and his prototype that allows WordPress to be run in a browser tab, simplifying the initial setup process.

Join us on this captivating episode of Osom to know as we explore the world of WordPress development and the exciting innovations that are shaping its future! 🌟


No Server Space Needed: Test Plugins and Themes with Playground - Interview with Adam Zieliński
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